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Today I found very interesting story and it's visually told in an interesting way. The description alone something captivate you on first sight. A short film about the legendary tornado which hit a Niagara drive-in 20 years ago.

You have probably heard (or used) the expression, '***Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.***' Well, a good one happened in Thorold, Ontario, Canada in 1996. This story spread throughout town and the unbelievable event was covered by national media. But what's most amazing is ... it might not have happened. Twisted, attempts to determine whether this really happened and get to the bottom of the story.

Documentary filmmaker Jay Cheel does his own searching for truth. With very good widescreen cinematography, Cheel offers an excelent look to the vintage experience. It's just fascinating watch.

Where has your road taken you? Where are you willing to go next? No matter your journey, the new Mavic Air is a companion that will travel with you for sure.

Mavic Air is a new addition to what has now become the “Mavic family” of drones from DJI and it may very well be the coolest drone ever made. Song of myself is video through the lens of Walt Whitman’s. It shows you the destinations you can discover with the Mavic Air. Get on your road, take off, and let adventure unfold.