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Where has your road taken you? Where are you willing to go next? No matter your journey, the new Mavic Air is a companion that will travel with you for sure.

Mavic Air is a new addition to what has now become the “Mavic family” of drones from DJI and it may very well be the coolest drone ever made. Song of myself is video through the lens of Walt Whitman’s. It shows you the destinations you can discover with the Mavic Air. Get on your road, take off, and let adventure unfold.

Samsung has Oscars history. On Sunday, Samsung tried to ensure it's seen as cool again and certainly cooler than Apple. In this Samsung ad, Neistat explained that he represented "the creators of this generation."

These are the people who "don't have big awards shows or fancy cameras." They merely have phones, duct tapes, parking lots and guts. Oh, and an idea that needs to be told. Casey Neistat isn't an Oscar winner. He wasn't even at the awards. But this ad did air during the awards.

According to Samsung USA Chief Creative Office Jesse Coulter, the Oscars spot kicks off Samsung's new brand platform "Do What You Can't," which will roll out over multiple channels.