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In recent years, a number of high fatality collisions in Ireland have been caused by drivers becoming distracted by their children in the back seat. So how to capture the pain of a lifetime spent looking back?

Road Safety Authority explores how a single moment turning to look at a child in the back seat can lead to a lifetime of looking back in regret. Research from Monash University showed that children are 12 times more distracting to a driver than talking on a mobile phone while driving. The aim of the campaign, which is called ‘Looking Back’, is to help parents to understand how these distractions can seriously impact their driving and to encourage them to plan their journeys with this in mind.

We tell our audience: Don’t lose a lifetime looking back. Never let a child take your focus off the road. Pull over if you need to. Created by Irish International BBDO, the spot was directed by Partizan's Martin Stirling.